Bleecker Film

a film by Edith Hagigi

BLEECKER tells the intertwining stories of a motley of characters in NYC’s Village. The straight face in this pack is Maya, who has come to The Big Apple to find her place in this world. Here she encounters: a long time couple who express their affection by bickering; a Texan lass who is forever searching for love plus her punk son & delusional mother, the self-appointed Queen of Egypt. Also in the mix are a hapless therapist, a psychic with a sphynx cat, and others who create little distractions for themselves instead of dealing with what’s really gnawing at their souls: big questions with no answers.

As Maya settles in, she starts to care about these folks, which leads her through twists and turns to her own self-purpose.


Bob Ari, Alicia Crowder, Tovah Feldshuh, Anita Gillette, Daphne Rubin-Vega, Ben Stiller, Christine Taylor and Callie Thorne

Best Ensemble Cast SDFF

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